I Wrote JAMB Three (3) Times

Hey, I’m actually in my third year at the university and my WAEC ?, I cleared my papers in a sitting with distinctions.

Shouldn't I be talking about my M.Sc plans now?

My name is Chukwunyere Favor and here's my story 👇👇

What exactly did I see in that profession right from when I was a kid? Is it the stethoscope or the scrub or the elegance that comes with being called a Doc?

July 2016, I graduated from secondary school with my mind made up to pursue a career in medicine. I had started keeping so many doctor friends and as an inquisitive human, you will always find me in their messenger on Facebook asking them so many questions about what studying medicine in Nigerian universities was like.

I didn't get so sweet replies cos they were open to telling me how tedious and stressful it could be. I was eager nevertheless or perhaps I was just happy that I didn't listen to my secondary school teacher in S.S.2 who has advised me to move to the Arts class and choose a course in Mass Communication or Journalism.

I remember that day vividly 😂😂. I was truly convinced by his speech. You know that adrenaline rush you get after listening to typical motivational speakers. I felt like I could lift a mountain and carry it on my shoulders.

One minute, I was envisioning myself wearing a white robe with some files in my left hand and a black pen on my right moving from one bed to another during ward rounds.

The next minute? A flawless and amazing OAP that's taking the streets of my nation granting interviews with people and at the back-end, carrying out investigative journalism.

Which was I going to finally settle for?
The thought preoccupied my mind from that moment till after school hours.

At home, while I did my chores, I kept reminiscing on the words of my form teacher.

"Favour, you are smart. You are intelligent. You can do both science and art courses and excel in both. But I've studied you so well. Arts is where your strength lies.

You're even the President of the Press Club. Can't you see how well the club has improved since you assumed that position?"

Well, he was right. I became the first female to be the president of the Press Club in my school. Oh, sorry, FIRST SCIENCE FEMALE student. Oh yeah, that sounds better.

It was like an elevated position. The year before (In my S.S 1 days), I was the secretary of the club. I guess the position helped me build up my writing career as I was faced with the responsibility of keeping records and writing the minutes of each meeting.

Nature was positioning me already in this field. I had just finished launching my first novel during my JSS3 graduation called HARD WORK PAYS.

Now here I am, a few weeks later, saddled with the responsibility of taking down minutes every week during Club meetings.

My teacher is right !!

Art is my calling.

I'm ready to switch. 💪

So I decided to break this not-so-convincing news to my parents. Mehn 🤦, they are my sole sponsors and I didn't have the power to make such life decisions for myself without first seeking their opinion.

So that night, I broke the news to my father. One which didn't turn out well.

Maybe cos I was naive and didn't know how best to present important matters. Lessons learned!!

Am I studying medicine today? My answer is NO.
Am I doing any of those Arts courses? My answer is NO.

I bet you want to find out what happened that very night.

Keep an eye on this page.

I'd give you the full gist soon.

Right now, I have to go.

Love Ya 🥰😘



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Favour Chukwunyere

Favour Chukwunyere

Copywriter | Digital Marketer | Sales Expert | Public Speaker | Spoken-word Artist. I write to communicate. I write for fun. Email: chukwunyere.favvy@gmail.com