Kunle, 28 years old….. Studied Medicine, is a specialist in the O & G field, of Yoruba origin, and the only child of his parents. Lost his dad immediately after our WASSCE but Iya Kunle is such an industrious and hard-working woman. Despite her husband’s demise. She never gave up and doubled down on her petty trading in Balogun Market to train Kunle to the highest level.
Happy to see she’s alive and reaping the fruits of her labor.

Abdul is 27 years old…… Our learned colleague. The very person that gives us the backing to cause little mayhem in society. He’s our lawyer and even without paying a dime, he sure will represent us in court if any need be. Abdul came from a very influential family. An Ibibio man who love swept his feet and took him to the far North to pick an Aisha for marriage. Still wonder why he bears Abdul, not Okon but not much of a worry cause my friend is doing amazing in his profession.

Then, here’s ME…. The prodigal one. Ekene is my name. Both parents are Igbos and unlike Abdul, I came from a family where we were managing to survive each day. This didn’t deter my parents. They gave me the best education there is to give the first son of an only son in an Igbo family. I’m 27 years old, the same as Abdul but I’m still roaming around within the four walls of the university, extorting my parents (not minding how bad things are at home). I can’t go home, I have no certificate to show. I’ve been rusticated. I’m only trying to get as much money from anyone as I could. I need to start up something for myself. I came here to study Civil Engineering but at this point, I need a real-life construction and not the other way round.

Abdul, Kunle & I have been friends since secondary school. You would think we are triplets from the same parents but our tribe and names sold us out. Nevertheless, we acted and became brothers from then till this very day.

But Today, I am the black sheep in this brotherhood cycle. Filled with mixed emotions, I’m paying for the consequences of my careless living.

As we made our way to the airport, everything we planned together for 10 years was playing before our eyes but ONE thing was off.

I’m not going on the trip with my best friends. I was seeing them off and reminding them to document enough memories that could last me a lifetime but what better memory would surpass me than going to Maldives & Seychelles in the company of my two childhood friends.

We’ve planned this trip for over 10 years now and looked and longed forward to it.

But today, I will only watch and bid them farewell.

It all started back then in secondary school.

I remember vividly, that it was the day we wrote our final paper during our WAEC examination.

The atmosphere was filled with merriment and a bit emotional, everyone was happy to be done with secondary school but remembering that we might have to part ways with some friends was one thing we didn’t know how best to react to.

Abdu, Kunle & I quietly went back into the dormitory to discuss our plans and how not to lose contact amongst ourselves and also strengthen our friendship.

We have been best friends since we came into college and everyone in the school has taken note of us. Some people believe we are somehow related by blood.

It was my idea that afternoon as we discussed. I suggested we work hard to get into our different universities, study the course of our choice, graduate with the best grade, and plan a reunion trip.

I envisioned this trip now and then, and always talked about it. But during my university days, I didn’t keep to my side of the bargain.

Today, I will be seeing them off to go live the life we planned together for years.

I only loved the Destination but never enjoyed the walk.




Copywriter | Digital Marketer | Sales Expert | Public Speaker | Spoken-word Artist. I write to communicate. I write for fun. Email: chukwunyere.favvy@gmail.com

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Favour Chukwunyere

Favour Chukwunyere

Copywriter | Digital Marketer | Sales Expert | Public Speaker | Spoken-word Artist. I write to communicate. I write for fun. Email: chukwunyere.favvy@gmail.com

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